Student Deanery of Tishk International University organized a mobile photo gallery for two of our talented students; BIZA I. HUSSEIN and MOHAMMED M. NAJIĀ  from Computer Engineering Department, on June 02, 2021.
Photographs play an important role in our lives; they connect people to their past, and can hold a visual collection of memories. For people in general, photos hold a sentimental and important value. Artists however, have a different perspective; photography is the art of capturing light to depict the world in a completely different dimension. Unquestionably, photography has changed life in many ways. In fact, it has now become one of the most essential aspects in historical documentation, as it authenticates what before were mere stories and tales.
It takes great understanding and skill to capture moments for the resason they are intended to represent. Talented photographers see what others cannot see, and use their creativity, patience and concentration to transmit the magnificence of our most beautiful natural environments, nature and creatures.
The gallery exhibited 21 unique photos all taken by phone camera, with the purpose of showing the nature of Kurdistan through different seasons. We wish great success and prosperity to our students and hope to see more of these talents in the future.