The Dean of Students of Tishk International University (TIU) organized an Archery Training and Competition between May 23, 2022, to May 25, 2022, at the TIU campus for the students and staff of TIU. 

Archery is the sport of shooting arrows using a bow. It involves firing an arrow at a target for accuracy and precision from a set distance. Archery is perhaps one of the most archaic activities known to humankind, except it is not applied for the same purpose it once was used for. In prehistoric times, the bow and arrow were essential weapons of war, and the skill to employ them in combat were highly demanded. It was also used for hunting, and occasionally may still be used, although hunting itself is also practiced as a leisure sport. Today, archery is merely a competitive sport and a recreational activity that one may join to have fun and improve core stability, hand-eye coordination skills, as well as upper body strength and balance. 

51 students and staff from different departments of our university participated in the Training and Competition and displayed great enthusiasm and interest as well as the participants enjoyed the competition. Although it was very challenging and required special skills and strength.  

This year we had two different competition sessions, one between the girls and the other was between boys. From boys’ session: Nawroz Saeed, the first grade from the Computer Education department, took first place, Goran Jalal TIU’s Guitar Instructor, took second place, and Rusty Yusf, the first grade from the Computer Education department, took third place. And from girls Marwa kamaran, first grade from Dentistry department, took first place, Mihrimah Burcu, Instructor at preparatory School, took second place, and Zeynep kul, second grade from Computer Engineering department took third place. All the winners were awarded by Dr. Mohammed Ozdemir, Dr. Mohammed Abdulghani, Mr. Nurula Derici, Mr. Ahmad Nadhmi, and Mr. Rebwar Ahmad the Trainer of the Archery Tournament.