What is Student Council?

Our university supports its students not only with academic and career issues, but also in terms of their progress and participation in the social arena. The student council has been established for this purpose, and aims to be represented in the university administration and take an active part in the decision-making process.

Vision of Student Council?

Being a part of a community of different sectors, the IU Student Council aims to address issues and problems by forging a multi- sectorial unity in the College. As part of the University, it has a direct concern and role in society in addressing issues and problems.
We believe that education should be extended to everyone, developing the student’s physical, mental, social, cultural and spiritual potential in order to realize the vision of a just and human way of life.

Mission of Student Council? 

Our vision as Tishk International University Student Council is to be a Student Council that has established the mechanism of understanding,listening and presenting solutions to, the students completely and ensured the full representation of them


Ahmad Nadhmi

Student Council Advisor
[email protected]