Student Representative Council

On the date of 29/11/2022

Tishk International university draws students from all Kurdistan and Iraq cities attracted by our reputation as a vibrant social community with incredible student experiences. The diverse student body remains committed to staying connected via formal and informal social activities, both on and off campus within the arrangements and supervision of the faculty of the Dean of Student-TIU.

The Dean of Students Faculty arranged an introduction and greeting meeting with the students’ representatives of the university faculties (Dentistry, Pharmacy, FASE, Education, Science, Engineering, Law, and Nursing). The meeting was led by Dr. Muhammed Abdulghane the Dean of Students and Dr. Zeynab Yalman, Mr. Sayfaddin, Mr. Hedi Mustafa, Mrs. Lavin Kawa, and Mrs. Sayran Assad.

  • Dentistry Representative: Mohammed Dara Hamarashid
  • Pharmacy Representative: Bawan Jalal Abdullah
  • FASE Representative: Hevi Khano Sofi
  • Education Representative: Nyaz Abubakir Murad
  • Science Representative: Abdulmalek Ismail Rostam
  • Engineering Representative: Ayar Rashid Zubair
  • Law Representative: Jihan Farooq Mustafa.
  • Nursing: Dahen Muhammad Ismael

The Student Representative Council (SRC) strives to improve the quality of student life for the entire student body. Elected by their peers, the SRC acts as an advocate for the student body with the elected FSRs taking charge of the events and activities. The FSRs also work closely with the Student Experience Team to plan and organize a range of social and cultural activities, including major events such as our Spring Festival party and themed events such as Book Fair, and many other activities.

The FSRs are the voice of the students and represent all students’ views on academic and experience-related issues to the University. This not only gives students the forum to voice their views but also gives the College valuable feedback when planning for the future.

Points that were discussed

The objectives for which the FSRs are established are to:

  • promote and advocate the interests and welfare of students.
  • be informed of and represent the views of students.
  • encourage the formation and successful management of student cultural, social, sporting and education groups.
  • encourage students to be involved in the activities of the DOS Office.
  • provide for and promote student extra-curricular activities and social events.
  • provide for the welcoming, orientation, and social engagement of new students.
  • promote the multicultural student body by creating and supporting opportunities to celebrate and showcase the diverse cultures of TIU; and
  • perform such other roles as may be determined by the DOS.
  • Tishk International University | dean of students
  • Tishk International University | dean of students