The Dean of Students organized the 2nd TIU Book Fair, which took place on February 7th – 10th at Tishk International University’s campus.

The participants comprised of different publishing houses and bookstores: Ashti Bookstore, Cambridge Bookstore, Haval Bookstore, Khwenari Kara, Lalezare Culture Center, Nariman Bookstore, and Rana Book store partook in the fair, creating a unique and diversified exposition. Each bookstall contained an abundance of assorted books in different languages, ranging from science fiction, storybooks, novels, history, non-fiction, children’s books, and many more, bringing color to the world of words.

The fair was organized to achieve many purposes, including raising awareness of reading amongst the TIU society, and highlight the significance of comprehension and books. Generally, in return of providing this opportunity to engage their core customers, which is students and staffs, TIU earned $1500 from the book stores.

Certificates of appreciation were endowed to the publishing houses and bookstores that participated in the TIU Book Fair.