Tishk International University (TIU) witnessed an impressive display of strategic thinking and sportsmanship as the main building became the battleground for an exhilarating Chess Tournament held on the 14th and 15th of May 2023. Organized by Dr. Aram from the Department of Dean of Students, the tournament brought together staff, boys, and girls from various departments across the university, creating an atmosphere of intense competition and intellectual prowess.

The tournament showcased the intellectual dexterity and analytical skills of the participants as they engaged in mind-bending chess battles. Competitors demonstrated their deep understanding of the game, making calculated moves to outwit their opponents and secure victory. The event exemplified TIU’s commitment to fostering intellectual growth and providing a platform for healthy competition.

Areen Tahir emerged as the victor, capturing first place with her exceptional strategic acumen and meticulous gameplay. Khalid Abdulbasit showcased impressive skill and resilience, securing the well-deserved second-place position. Both players exemplified the highest level of sportsmanship throughout the tournament, earning the respect and admiration of their fellow competitors.

Dr. Aram, the driving force behind the successful organization of the tournament, expressed his satisfaction with the event. He highlighted the importance of chess as an intellectual pursuit that enhances critical thinking, problem-solving, and strategic decision-making skills. Dr. Aram stated, “The Chess Tournament at TIU reflects our commitment to providing a well-rounded educational experience that nurtures both academic excellence and the development of essential life skills. Chess challenges the mind, fosters logical thinking, and instills qualities such as patience, concentration, and strategic planning.”

The tournament concluded with an award ceremony to honor the exceptional performances of the participants. Areen Tahir and Khalid Abdulbasit were presented with well-deserved accolades, acknowledging their outstanding achievements and exemplary sportsmanship.

The Chess Tournament at TIU served as a testament to the university’s dedication to fostering intellectual growth and providing opportunities for students and staff to engage in intellectually stimulating activities. It showcased the power of chess in cultivating analytical thinking, promoting healthy competition, and nurturing personal development.

TIU remains committed to providing a supportive environment that encourages intellectual pursuits and fosters the holistic growth of its students and staff. The Chess Tournament stands as a shining example of the university’s commitment to cultivating the minds of future leaders and promoting the value of intellectual excellence.