In a recent Dean of Students meeting held on April 17, 2023, student representatives discussed a range of pressing issues concerning campus life and facilities. Key topics included the proposal to open a mosque, ventilation in smoking areas, sharing information with students, Photo Day, graduation gown sizing, a charity fund, the Career Center, organizing meetings, Mercy Corner, FASE department requests, the sound of gunfire during exams, laboratory rooms, elevator problems, library concerns, damaged university equipment, seating and shade areas, the cafeteria, lack of space for sports, and research problems. Notable issues raised by representatives included the need for proper ventilation in smoking areas, expanding library resources and accessibility, and addressing elevator deterioration.

The meeting also focused on a range of solutions and proposals to address the concerns raised. For instance, the attendees agreed to extend library opening hours and install internet access for the benefit of students. The representatives also discussed holding a meeting with Dr. Fatih Cura after Ramadan and emphasized the importance of taking immediate action to address damaged university equipment. Furthermore, the attendees expressed the need for comfortable seating and adequate shading around campus buildings, and voiced their dissatisfaction with the quality of food served in the cafeteria. The meeting concluded with an understanding that various measures would be taken to improve the overall campus experience for students and staff alike.