On the day of 22nd and 23rd of May, 2019 an exhibition was opened to show more than 30 works of art under the name of shadows of graphic. This contained aluminum boards with pictures being scratched on them. This is for the first time, we hold such a kind of exhibition. It was presented in the entrance of the main and it continued for two days. The students were mesmerized by the works of the art club students, they said “we have never seen such a kind of art before”. The red ribbon was cut by the two Vice Presidents of TIU and they were toured around the gallery by the teacher of the Art club and the clubs’ coordinator.

This graphics were reflection of the ups and downs in life with an artistic touch. There was a wide range of works about nature, elderly people, and children. Moreover, there were some works that were scratched on titles such as Einstein’s and Michael Jackson’s pictures. These wonderful works of art was really appreciated by students and academic staff alike.

We hope that these kinds of activities to continue and flourish so that everyone can benefit from them.