Mercy Corner 2022-2023 Project


On December 18th, the Dean of Students at Tishk International University arranged a food fundraising event in which all faculty staff members and students participated. The purpose of the event was to support and promote the #Mercy Corner 2022 Project. The Dean of Students organizes food fundraising projects each year, in which both students and staff prepare and sell all types of food, desserts, drinks, and more. Student volunteers actively take part in this event and participate through various activities that range from cuisine preparation to the organization and administration of the event, providing them a broader vision to help understand the [...]

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Flag Day Concert


On December 17,2021 Tishk International University music club organized a concert at the flag day event, The concert started at 10:00 am in front of the main building, The talent and creativity of the students were shown in the event, they performed an amazing concert, all the staff and students take place in the event. A special thanks to Mr.Rebwar Abdulla for their effort in such events.

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Outstanding participation in TIU Women’s Marathon


The Dean of Students of Tishk International University arranged a Marathon for women on May 22nd, 2021. Marathons have many physical and mental benefits. It has also been linked to improved blood circulation, reduced weight, better blood pressure, higher motivation, and stress reduction. Despite the countless benefits of this sport, not much attention is given to it in our society. This event was organized to raise health awareness through running, and to also highlight the importance developing the sports sector in our community. The marathon was held in the Running Track of Sami Abdulrahman Park, and the total distance of [...]

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Career Iftar’21


Career Center of Tishk International university (TIU) arranged an Iftar to those companies that we have a connection with them on May 05, 2021 at TIU Campus. The goals of the Iftar were to strengthen the bond among those companies within the university, and be a starting point for new projects, ideas, etc. Beside gathering all those companies all together at the same table. In the Iftar 15 companies attended the event; companies’ representatives were either the founder, owner, HR manager, marketing manager, or senior representatives. After having the Iftar everyone had a chance to introduce themselves and the company [...]

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Inspiration in Black and White


On February 28th, 2021, the Dean of Students of Tishk International University organized a personal exhibition for Vilia Salm from the Business and Management Department. The exhibition was inspired by famous people in history. Vilia Salam drew portraits of important figures in all sectors of life (musicians, scientists, celebrities...etc.), using a black marker only. We, as Dean of Students, are always ready to show the hidden talents of students and are proud of their hard work. We wish great success to our student and would love to see more of her work in the future.

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Winter View Exhibition


Tishk International University held an exhibition under the theme of 'Winter Views', which displayed several artistic paintings designed by students in Tishk Art Club, led by Mrs. Yusra Wirya. The drawings reflected winter colors, humans, and animals in winter. With the anticipation of a beautiful winter on the horizon, the Winter View Exhibition aimed to illustrate the beauty, affection, and peace that winter brings along by reflecting the diversity of evaluation and interpretation within the theme. Each stand represented the artists' understanding and definition of winter and delivered a story and emotion to the observers.  The event was supervised by [...]

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Bina App Seminar to Civil Engineering Department


Career Center of Tishk International University with the cooperation of Bina App, A digital platform in the construction field, and Civil Engineering department organized a seminar on February 15, 2021 entitled with “How to write CV” to senior students of Civil Engineering department. The seminar presented by Mr. Azhdar Hussein - Head of Sales at Bina App, he was thoroughly explained all needed tip on how to write a proper CV, then question and answer session came. In the end session he made an introduction on Bina App project to our students. We are always welcoming all companies, NGOs, etc. [...]

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Live concert for freshmen at TIU


The Dean of Students of TIU organized a welcoming ceremony for its new students on January 12th, 2021. A concert was held in front of the main building in which students from the clubs at TIU performed to the audience and welcomed the freshmen to the TIU society. The live performance was performed by our students under the supervision of Mr. Rebwar Abdullah, Daf Club Instructor of TIU, followed by a singing performance by our talented students, Idrees Salih Muhammad Ali, ELT Department, and Ibrahim Najmadin, Medical Analysis Department. On behalf of the Student Deanery, we wish great success to [...]

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Shahan primary school visited TIU


On  February  25 ,2020, Shahan primary schoolvisited  Tishk International University with approximately( 25 )  students and 3 staff . They made a campus tour first and then biology department did a presentation about the department generally and they showed them the laboratory experiments practically , At the end of the program we gave the TIU gift to them

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Kirkuk private institute for oil and gas scientific


On  February  17 ,2020, Sardar Kirkuk private institute for oil and  gas   visited  Tishk International University with approximately( 40)  students and 4 staff . They made a campus tour first and then we made a presentation about the faculties and departments. They were giving  information about administration process. They visited to increase their motivate to plan their career.

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