TIU Launches Global Entrepreneurship Week in Collaboration with GEN and OC-E

On November 13th, 2023, the Career Development Center (CDC) at Tishk International University, in collaboration with the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Orange Corners-Erbil, officially launched Global Entrepreneurship Week at the university. The inaugural event attended by a diverse audience, including Dr. Sultan Abu Orabi, the President of Tishk International University, university faculty, students, government officials, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and representatives from the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Orange Corners-Erbil.

The unveiled agenda promises an engaging series of workshops, seminars, events, and competitions, all strategically crafted to provide comprehensive support and inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs within the university community. Of particular note is the introduction of the #Workonit Campaign, a call designed to encourage individuals to seamlessly integrate their passions with purpose, thereby cultivating an environment conducive to innovation and entrepreneurial pursuits.

The Global Entrepreneurship Week marks a pivotal moment in our institution’s commitment to nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit among its students and fostering a culture of innovation. This collaborative effort, supported by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Orange Corners-Erbil, is poised to create a vibrant platform for knowledge exchange, networking, and skill development.

As we on this transformative journey in innovation and entrepreneurship, Tishk International University extends an open invitation to all stakeholders, urging them to join hands in converting aspirations into tangible achievements. With the launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the university envisions a collective effort towards positive change and significant strides in the realm of entrepreneurship. It is an opportunity for all to collaborate, innovate, and contribute to the flourishing landscape of entrepreneurship in the region.