TTishk International International University has always been a leading pioneer in arranging community service projects and helping the society. At the beginning of March, “Sharing Market” for refugees launched at filling in the gaps for the people in need. This project is done with the cooperation of Bring Hope Organization. The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of the society to feel empathetic and share the feeling of poor people. That is why we arranged a project to help Kobani School of Syrian refugees in terms of clothes, cosmetics and toys. The project was done in many consecutive steps:

First, we contacted to the school manager of Kobani School where the refugee students study to arrange the place and time and also check out the areas where to do the project.

Secondly, we sorted the clothes out according to gender, size and types with 100 hardworking volunteers from our university.

Next, we transferred the materials to the school and we worked there for several days to make a real open market for the refugees.

Finally, on the day 27th April 2019 we opened Sharing Market with the volunteer students and staff and distributed the stuff to 740 students. Approximately 30 pieces for each family supplied and students had the chance to choose the clothes they like. We also provided gifts and presents to put a smile on those souls that have been through many difficult things and still continue their education.